Editorial Session in Paris


For Millia London, a bridal fashion brand that emphasizes timeless elegance and a modern approach to wedding dresses, shooting a bridal collection in Paris was a dream come true.

The focus was on creating a romantic and dreamy atmosphere that would enhance the beauty of the dresses and showcase the unique features of each design.

The shooting locations were carefully selected to reflect the Parisian charm and highlight the intricate details of the dresses. From the stunning architecture of the Place Vendôme to the Grand Palais, each location added a touch of magic to the shoot.

The dresses themselves were a true reflection of Millia London's design philosophy - elegant, refined, and sophisticated.

Each dress had a unique character, from the intricately beaded bodice to the flowing chiffon skirt. The collection was a perfect blend of classic and contemporary styles, with a range of designs that would suit any bride's taste and style.

To complete the look, the hair and makeup artists created a soft, natural look that emphasized the model's natural beauty. The hairstyles were simple yet elegant, with soft waves and loose braids. The makeup was kept light and fresh, with a focus on creating a radiant complexion and emphasizing the eyes.

For brides looking for a wedding dress that embodies timeless elegance and a modern approach, Millia London's collection is a must-see. And what better way to imagine yourself in one of these beautiful dresses than against the stunning backdrop of the City of Light?